Monday, March 4

Hello Sunshine....

{this image says "sunshine" to me }

{ this pretty much sums up how I felt upon waking up to sunshine this morning } 

{ colours & patterns make a room feel permanently sunny }

It's been raining here for the last 2 weeks.... no seriously, 2 weeks no exaggeration. Everything is wet, messy and generally dreary. So when I awoke this morning to sunshine I jumped out of bed (yes, jumped) feeling like everything was right with the world again. Next I did what one has to do in this part of the world when the sun is shining - I put on a load of washing and started to make a list of all the things I could now do with this change in the weather. 

However, since then (about 3 hours ago), the sun has disappeared under a cloud, the washing is out but doesn't look like drying anytime soon and subsequently my early morning joyousness has slumped a little. Time to take the pooch for a walk (while there's no rain) and wait for that pesky cloud to pass!

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