Friday, February 8

Tea & Snakes...

{ it really does, even a snake sighting....  }

You might be wondering what tea & snakes have in common.... well, let me explain.  I have seen no less than 3 black snakes over the last month - the most recent one in our front garden earlier this week. Doesn't exactly thrill me that there are snakes loitering around particularly with our beautiful dog but apparently this is one of the downsides of country life. So, having seen sooooo many snakes in such a short space of time I started to think that there must been some hidden meaning... maybe the snake is trying to tell me something ???  Stay with me.... So I did what any self-respecting new ager would do and googled it. Here's what I came up with...

The snake power animal brings the message and symbol of regeneration and connectedness. The snake totem guides us to stay connected to the self through observation of both the tiny vibrations in the earth, and the warmth and smells of the air and sky. When we learn to connect with our surroundings we can continue on the path of growth, and discard the trappings of the past.

Interesting but doesn't really explain the link with tea so let me connect the dots. When telling my Mum that I had seen a snake in the very garden that she and I had been planting things earlier that day she gave me some good Country Mother advice. She said, "Darling, when you see a snake just go inside make yourself a cup of tea and by the time you come back out it will be gone"...... And it was! xx

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