Thursday, February 21

Keep Calm and Look at Pretty Pictures

 { green grass always makes me feel calm and happy }

{ grace & jackie - 2 women who I'm sure were never  made wait over an hour for anything! } 

{ oh, to be able to go back in time to a simpler life when one's email hosting solution didn't even rate a mention }

I am writing this blog with a phone to my ear... I am on hold, and have been for 59 minutes!! Is that UNBELIEVABLE (bold, caps, underlined) or what!!  Who am I on hold to? The technical support team of my domain name & email hosting provider. I tell you what, by the time someone actually answers this call I'm going to be needing more than technical support. Or rather they will be... Some poor person who's possibly making themselves a cup of tea and doing the office chocolate run and therefore has no time to answer pesky customer calls, is going to incur my wrath. So, in an attempt to curb my frustration I am looking at pretty pictures and thought I'd share what I've found.... it's quite therapeutic this blogging gig! I feel better already..... NOW ANSWER THE BLOODY PHONE... we've just ticked over to 1 hour, 5 minutes and 33 seconds.

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