Saturday, April 28

Open House

{ our beautiful home, captured in wide angle to make it look even bigger & better than in real life! }

Well, after 18 years of living in my beautiful sunny apartment it's time for me to move on..... We're moving to our new house in the country in a few weeks and although I'm really excited to be moving to our beautiful cottage in all it's timber panelled glory (and a backyard!) I'm a little sad to be saying goodbye to my city home. I haven't even started packing yet because a) it seems like too massive a task and b) I don't want my home to not look like my home - you know what I mean. As I prepared for our Open House today it's making me even more sad because everything looks so perfect and clean and beautiful when you're preparing to show other people your house. Mmmmmm, time to suck it up and keep moving forward. The only thing to do.

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