Tuesday, March 20

Dear Kate Spade Designers

{ image via kate spade }

I'd very much like a Kate Spade bracelet or watch with 'every cloud has a silver lining' inscribed. Do you make one already? Over here in Oz I have to rely on getting my Kate Spade fix very sporadically, mostly through blogs and your website. Actually, that's another thing I'd like. How about our very own Kate Spade store in Sydney? 

You see, yesterday I had my very own 'cloud with a silver lining moment'.... or another way to put it is that I put something out to the universe and it totally delivered, as it does when something is 'meant to be'..... 

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Royaltygirl said...

I am pretty sure that they did have a bracelet that said 'every cloud has a silver lining' a couple of years ago. I bet they will bring it back again soon!
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