Wednesday, November 30

Hello Yellow!!

1. I started this moodboard a very long time ago so am struggling to remember where all the images are from. I think this one might be Oscar De La Rent.... or was it Roberto Cavalli ?????

2. Yellow wedding booklets. Really simple yet chic. Note to self to use yellow more in my stationery.

3. Just a happy, fun, summery image. Love.

4. Yellow stripe + sundress by Kate Spade. Perfection.

5. A cute illustration. Forget who this one is by. Forgive me.

6. Ahh Giorgio. I still love your yellow & white striped ribbon but I'm afraid your fragrance may be a little old hat. shame x

7. If I had a boat I would be tempted to upholster with yellow & white stripes. I believe Ikea has a very similar fabric. Maybe I'll do a deck chair instead.

8. A "statement" oversized leather bag. The perfect summer accessory.

9. Carolyn Murphy rocking those yellow pants. I love her.

10. Yellow polka dot J Crew cardi. I hear a whisper that J Crew will soon be shipping to Australia. Please don't keep us waiting much longer!

11. Another classic J Crew image. It's all about the yellow tulips for me... one of my faves.

12. Jackie in all her Martha's Vineyard glory with her simple yellow & white gingham shift dress. Love. Love. Double love x

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