Wednesday, January 19

Can somebody please explain?

This dress is the equivalent of red roses and baby's breath on Valentines Day

One word - boring

Halle - we know you've got good legs but no need to look cheap whilst showing them off

Even Heidi didn't get it right this year

no comment

Forget about the dress.  I can't get past the hair.

Why the red carpet at the Golden Globes was sooooooooo disappointing.  I mean really, it was just one bad dress after another.  Even the highlights were really just the best of a bad bunch. How could so many stars and their stylists get it so wrong?? Very disappointing.  So, above are some of the disasters (I could have gone on) and below are what "real" Golden Globes dresses should look like - from memories past.

Now that's what I call a  Golden Globes dress

My all time favourtie. Love EVERYTHING about it.

Absolutely stunning. That's how you show off a good body.

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