Wednesday, December 22

Dear Diary..... Why so Blue?

Because Blue is my favourite, favourite, favourite (closely followed by pink of course!).  The Blue & White combo has always been a classic combo and I love it.  Makes me feel calm and happy. Ralph Lauren has been doing it for years and he does no wrong!
Here's the wishlist:

1. Bombay Sapphire - perfect with some Tiro sparkling pink grapefruit juice & a slice of lime!

2. Bensimon sneakers - too cute!

3. Herend Porcelain - have been in love for years. Don't own a piece as yet so if Santa's reading this you can get pieces from Hardy Brothers!

4. Lamp/Ginger Jar - courtesy of Oliveaux.  Check out their blog here.

5. Thomas Paul dessert plate - who can resist a gingham check!

6. Hermes bracelet - need I say more!

7. Thomas Paul crab bag - OK, anything from TP would be good!

8. Cath Kidston make-up bag - so cute and anything with a spot gets my vote.

9. Kate Spade skirt - love KS and love bows - killer combo.

10. Aquamarine & Diamond ring - a wishlist wouldn't be complete without a bit of sparkle!!

11. Tiffany Blue Box - to house the sparkle and just the box is a gift in itself.

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